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Chengdu Metro Maps

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Chengdu Metro line 3 Panda Special Line
Chengdu Metro line 3 Panda Special Line

Chengdu Metro is the rapid transit system for the metropolitan city of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province,China. The system has six lines in operation. Line 1 was in use on 27 September 2010, making it the first heavy-rail metro line in southwest China. (Chongqing Rail Transit Line 2 opened first in 2005 but is Heavy-Monorail); and Line 2 began operations in September 2012. Line 4 opened to public at the end of December 2015, while Line 3 opened in July 2016. Since late 2017, the Chengdu Metro line Metro lines between Chengdu Shuangliu international airport Terminal 1/2 and Taiping Yuan station was in use. This line improved the Chengdu airport public transport efficiency and  brought huge convenience for public. Chengdu metro was operated by Chengdu Metro Limited Liability Company. Commuter rail lines such as the Chengdu–Dujiangyan Intercity Railway are operated by Chengdu City Commuter Railway Limited Liability Company. It is China’s first joint venture between a local government and China’s national rail operator. The city and the Ministry of Railways worked together in building metro lines and high speed commuter rail lines. A light rail system northwest of Chengdu began construction at October 2015, and was open to public in 2017. There are currently over 350km of subway lines under construction.

  • Chengdu Metro Line 1 from North to South

Shenxian Lake->North Railway Station->Renmin Rd. North->Wenshu Monastery->Luomashi->Tianfu Square->Jinjiang Hotel->Huaxiba->Sichuan Gymnasium->Nijiaqiao->Tongzilin->South Railway Station->Hi-Tech Zone->Financial City->Incubation Park->Ocean Park->Century City

  • Chengdu Metro Line 2 from west to east:

Welcome to travel in Chengdu by metro
Welcome to Explore Chengdu China by metro! 

1 Xipu 犀浦->2 Tianhe Road 天河路 ->3  Baicao Road 百草路->4  Jinzhou Road 金周路->5 Jinke Road North 金科北路 ->6 Yingbin Avenue 迎宾大道->7 Chadianzi Bus Terminal 茶店子客运站 ->8 Yangxi Flyover 羊犀立交->9  Yipintianxia 一品天下->10 East Shuhan Road 蜀汉路东->11 Baiguolin 白果林 ->12  Chengdu University of TCM & Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital 中医药大学•省人民医院->13 Tonghuimen 通惠门 ->14 People’s Park 人民公园 ->15 Tianfu Square 天府广场 ->16 Chunxi Road 春熙路->17 Dongmen Bridge 东门大桥->18 Niuwangmiao 牛王庙 ->19 Niushikou 牛市口 ->20 Dongda Road 东大路->21 Tazishan Park 塔子山公园->22 East Chengdu Railway Station 成都东客站->23 Chengyu Flyover 成渝立交->24 Huiwangling 惠王陵 ->25  Honghe 洪河->26 Chengdu Institute of Public Administration 成都行政学院

  • Chengdu Metro Line 3

Stops from Chengdu Junqu General Hospital (军区总医院) to Taipingyuan (太平园) are listed below:
Xiongmao Avenue 熊猫大道-> Chengdu Zoo 动物园->Zhaojuesi Road South 昭觉寺南->Simaqiao 驷马桥-> Lijiatuo 李家沱->Chengdu BRT Chengdu BRT->Qianfeng Road 前锋路->Hongxing Bridge 红星桥->Jinjiang 2nd Chengdu People’s Hospital 市二医院-Chunxi Road 春熙路 -> Xinnanmen 新南门-> Moziqiao 磨子桥 -> Wuhou Sichuan ->Gymnasium 省体育馆-> Yiguanmiao 衣冠庙->Gaoshengqiao->Hongpailou 红牌楼->Taipingyuan 太平园

  • Line 4 of the Chengdu Metro

Kuanzhai Alley-Chengdu Kuanzhai Xiangzi Alley
Kuanzhai Alley (by Metrol line 4)-Chengdu Metro Tour

Chengdu Metro Line 4 is the third line to enter revenue service on the metro network in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. It started construction on 22 July 2011, and began operation on 26 December 2015. Line 4 runs in an east-west direction, stretching from Wansheng in Wenjiang to Xihe in the Longquanyi.
Wansheng-Wenjiang-Yangliuhe-Fengxihe -Nanxun Avenue-Guanghua Park-Yongquan-Fenghuang Street-Machangba-Intangible Cultural Heritage Park-Qingyang-
Caiqiao-Zhongba-West Railway Station-Chengdu West railway station Chengduxi-Qingjiang Road West-Cultural Palace-Southwestern University of Finance and Economics -Caotang Road North-CUTCM and Sichuan People’s Hospital-Kuanzhaixiangzi Alleys-Luomashi-Taisheng Road South-2nd Chengdu People’s Hospital-Jinjiang-
Yushuang Road-Chenghua-Shuangqiao Road-Wannianchang-Huaishudian-Lailong-Longquanyi-Shiling-Chengdu University-Mingshuwangling-Xihe.

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Chengdu Metro Map Guide

Chengdu Subway Map-Metro Map of Chengdu
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