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The China Great Wall is so Short, What Can It Stop? Is It really helpful for protecting the people?

When we go to see the winding and winding Great Wall, we will be filled with emotion. The Great Wall is so spectacular! Yes, the construction of the Great Wall is a miracle. But at the same time, it also brought us puzzles. The Great Wall is so low, what can it stop?

Everyone who has visited the Great Wall will sigh that the Great Wall is so short that it can’t resist anything! But you forgot, the Great Wall is built on rolling hills. The original mountain is already towering, coupled with the wall barrier, making the enemy who originally wanted to climb up more impossible.

On the other hand, since it is over the mountains and the mountains, the enemy’s warhorse must not be able to take a step. If the enemy is good at horse warfare, this war will have won more than half. This is only a small part of the role of the Great Wall, the real purpose is not this.

The wisdom and hard work of the ancients are beyond doubt. Since it is useless, the ancients would not spend time and effort to build it. Although the Great Wall is a low wall, its role is very large; its biggest role is not to defend the enemy, but there will be a beacon every distance!

When the enemy comes to commit an offence, the ancients will use the beacon to send a signal to inform everyone to prepare for the enemy and not allow the enemy to take advantage of it. This is the real thoughts and good intentions of the ancients. After all, technology was not so developed at that time, and it was not a phone call or a text message.

Second, the Great Wall is not only a wall close to the military base, but also an important guarantee for grain and grass. Once an enemy commits an offense, the army ’s support is relatively timely, and it is possible to use the terrain and the Great Wall to defend and attack. This is not over yet. It is not enough to analyze the Great Wall militarily.

What a great building is the Great Wall, and its function is not just that. Those who have known history should be familiar with the closed-door countries in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. At that time, China was a country with developed economy, developed technology, developed culture, but backward thinking.

Because of the economic impact of foreign cultures and the invasion of the aggressors, the emperor ordered the country to be closed to seek stable rule. At this time, the Great Wall played a role in shutting down the country, and those businessmen and ordinary people could no longer go through the Great Wall to conduct trade and cultural exchanges.

From this point of view, the role of the Great Wall is prominent in both military and economic aspects. It must be said that the wisdom of the ancients made us ashamed and convinced. Read more from China travel Services.

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