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First time to visit Chengdu – Top Things You Should Know! Travel Tips by Chengdu Local Guide

Are you a first time visit to Chengdu? No worry! Please simply follow local China guide. We provide the handy and easy guide for first time visitors to Chengdu.

1. Consumption in Chengdu

Chengdu’s consumption is not high, almost the same as home. Bring enough money to play. There should be everything in big cities, and it should be no problem to meet the standards of an international big city.

2. Travel Essentials Items

2.1. There are no essential items for travel. Bring an umbrella to shade the rain and change your clothes in case you bring two more sets. This season the clothes are easy to dry unless it rains.

2.2. Map APP, public comment APP. Both are tourist artifacts.

3. Chengdu Transportation

3.1. Public transportation is okay. Generally well-known local transportation is more convenient. Metro buses in the city are not bad. Currently, there are only two subways, which are being built in Daxing.

3.2. Taxi is relatively standard in the city, and it is not necessary to refuse to load it. If you take a taxi out of the city, you can negotiate the price (no taxi), and the rental master can refuse. Black cars are common.

3.3. Can not find the road? please try to use map app.

4. Food in Chengdu

4.1. About spicy. To be honest, in terms of degree, Chengdu and even Sichuan are not the most spicy (It is said that Guizhou is more spicy in Hunan), more spicy, and the taste is more salty. I am a northerner who can feel spicy when eating spicy. Friends from East China and South China May really not be used to it all at once. There are many dishes that include not only chili peppers, but also pepper peppers that cannot be ignored. Some friends cannot accept this factor.

4.2. Where to eat? If you come to travel, you can count on the public reviews. Find a restaurant with a high score. Chengdu ’s people are stunned. The [general] approved by local reviews is not bad. Locals may not be so interested in some high-end restaurants, and the so-called “snack streets” like Jinli and Kuanzhai Alley are basically fooling foreign tourists in their eyes ~ but they are not famous or even unnamed. My flies restaurant has a preference, if you do n’t know your local friends to give you advice, then give up, it is estimated that you have little experience to personally evaluate, because the place to eat is real! in! too! many! Now! The famous Fly House “Ming Ting Hotel” and “Yutian” are all well-known. It is normal to change its taste slightly in order to take care of visitors, but it is still worth a visit.

4.3. What to eat? It’s hard to adjust. I believe you can’t eat enough for ten days and a half months. This question is too cumbersome, and there are enough people to answer it. 

 5. Tourism in Chengdu 

When you are visiting Chengdu, you may think about Giant pandas, Leshan Giant Buddha, Mountain Qingcheng, Emei, etc. Since there are so much information about tourism from our China travel blogs and Chengdu tours pages. Those famous scenic spots are still worthy of fame. 

6. People and life in Chengdu

It is said that Chengdu is a leisurely city. Indeed, Chengdu is leisurely. Chengdu is a city with taste. You can experience the atmosphere of tea houses and stalls. However, you expect to be able to experience the local people’s living habits and attitudes in a few days of travel. It is indeed a little difficult, and it still takes a long time to dwell in this city. Chengdu people are friendly. This still needs to be explained. For example, a non-local friend has just arrived here and asked a stranger for directions. Most of the other party will talk to you in Sichuan dialect. The non-local friend may feel incomprehensible and unhappy. In fact, this is not the arrogant / xenophobic / unfriendly performance of the Chengdu people, but some Chengdu people do not speak Mandarin well. If you force him to speak Mandarin to you, he may not even speak well. If he tries to speak you plain mandarin as much as possible, please thank him well, because the other person is indeed a passionate and good person for you. Of course, it is not a problem for young people to speak Mandarin, although it may be a little bit of a cute pepper and salt taste. There are still tempers in Chengdu, but they tend not to start XD. Chengdu people love to play. There is a period in Chengdu Business Daily that compares the expenditures of citizens in major cities on life and entertainment. The expenses of Chengdu citizens in life and entertainment accounted for much more than the other major cities. You can also see that walking on the street, everyone showed a happy and happy expression, and walked to the overwhelmed teahouses, hot pots, and movie theaters. . . Chengdu girls are of good quality! The average height is not high (the average Sichuan people are not high), the appearance is peculiar, the figure is slim, the skin is good and white, the character is good, the enthusiasm is cheerful, understands life, virtue. Can Baidu “tooth sister”. More than smart, lack of elegant.

7. Climate in Chengdu

There is very little brave weather in the north that says the wind is the wind and the rain is the rain. Even the rare sunny days are not so clear. Spring and autumn rains are often accompanied by continuous cloudy days, the rain is also drizzle, and the wind is also a breeze (everyone thinks that the third and fourth winds are strong here, but I grew up with the sea breeze!), No The unexpected winds and showers, the weather conditions will not change quickly, just like the Chengdu sister. There are few sunny days, especially in winter. On a sunny day, the people of Chengdu go to the nest, help the old and take the children out to bask in the sun, and the lawn of our school is often captured by the surrounding residents when it is sunny. [Shu Dog Barking Day] This idiom comes from this. The Sichuan Basin has humid air and cloudy sky. Surrounded by mountains, the water vapor in the middle plain is not easy to spread. The dogs there are not common with the sun. When they see the sun, they feel weird and they want to bark. Therefore, in Shu there are the sayings that “the sky has no sunshine in three days” and “shu dog barks in the sun”. This idiom is often rare and strange. Poor air quality is often caused by slight pollution or even light pollution. Poor air circulation in the Sichuan Basin is a flaw. In addition, Chengdu has developed so fast in recent years, and emissions have increased so much … This makes me complain deeply. Talking too much without knowing it. All in all, Chengdu in my eyes is such a characteristic city with a girl, love, style, tea, food, and taste, which is in rapid development. It’s worth your visit here and never regret it.

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