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3 Days Lijiang Lugu Lake Photography Travel Tips by Local China Guide in Yunnan Province

Those who visit Lugu Lake for the first time will choose this route. And the Lugu Lake Classic Three-Day Tour Best Season is from March to October. Here below let local China guide travel service team recommend you the 3 days tour to Lugu from Lijiang.

Lugu Lake Photography Route overview

D1 Lining Eighteen Bend Observation Deck (15 minutes) → Lugu Lake Observation Deck (15 minutes) → Daluoshui Pier (10 minutes) → Lugu Lake Scenic Area-Lugu Lake Lock Island (2 hours) → Rig Island (2 hour)

D2 Rig Island (30 minutes) → Nisai Village (30 minutes) → Xiaoluoshui (1 hour) → Luyuan Cliff (30 minutes) → Libai Lover Beach (30 minutes) → Last Princess Palace (40 minutes) → Caohai (2 hours) → Goddess Bay (2 hours)

D3 Rig Island (10 minutes) → Nisai Village (cable car ride) → Gam Mountain (half day)-back to Lijiang.

Tips: Around Lugu Lake, it is recommended to choose a chartered car, you can play the entire Lugu Lake in one day; if you choose to rent an electric car or bicycle around the lake, it is recommended to choose the half lake, it will be relatively easy.
Summary: The Lugu Lake Ring Lake Highway is about 76 kilometers in length, and you can rent a bicycle, electric car or chartered car to play. The chartered car takes 1 day, if you choose to rent a bicycle or electric car, it takes 2-3 days.

Lugu Lake Travel Itinerary Details

Day1: Lugu Lake is usually departed from Lijiang or Chengdu.

It takes half a day to travel from Lijiang to Lugu Lake. It is recommended to take a tourist bus, which will pass through the scenic spots of “Long Walking Alone”-Lining Eighteen Bend Observatory The Lugu Lake Observation Deck next to the Ninglu Highway will stop at these two places, whether by bus or charter. The tourist bus will first arrive at the Daluoshui Wharf, and the car will stop here for some passengers after arriving. From here you can choose to go to Rock Island or Liwubi Island by pig trough boat, it is recommended to go to Rock Island, which is less tourist and located in the center of the lake. After the island tour, you can continue to take the tour bus to Rig Island, stroll around in Rig Island and rest.
It takes a whole day from Chengdu to Xichang, and then from Xichang to Lugu Lake. The whole journey from Chengdu to Xichang is about 5-6 hours. The conditional bees can stay here for one night, play in Qionghai for half a day, and then go to Lugu Lake the next day. Or you can go directly to Lugu Lake without stopping, there is no high-speed from Xichang to Lugu Lake, and it takes about 6-7 hours.
Lining Eighteen Bend Observation Deck (15 minutes) tourist bus 5 hours Lugu Lake Observation Deck (15 minutes) tourist bus 30 minutes Daluoshui Wharf (10 minutes) pig trough boat 30 minutes, Lugu Lake Scenic Area-Lugu Lake Rock Island (2 hours) 30 minutes by tourist bus Rig Island (2 hours)

Lugu Lake Traffic Guide

From Lijiang to Lugu Lake, it is recommended to take the Lijiang-Lugu Lake tourist bus at the Yuhe Square parking lot at the ancient city entrance of Lijiang, which can reach Daluoshui Village and Lige Island. Dock. The round-trip fare is 160 yuan / person, and the one-way 100 yuan / person. It leaves at 8:00 in the morning and takes about 7 hours.
In addition, Lijiang Gaokui Bus Station has two buses to Lugu Lake Daluoshui Village every day, at 8:00 and 8:30, about 9 hours’ drive, and the fare is 100 yuan / person; Lijiang Bus Terminal has two buses every day To Lugu Lake Daluoshui Village, it is 8:30 and 9:00 respectively, the journey takes 7-8 hours, the fare is about 106 yuan / person. A chartered car is needed from Daluoshui Village to Lige Island, which costs about 50 yuan. If you are lucky, you can join the carpool, about 10 yuan / person. If chartered directly from Lijiang to Lugu Lake, depending on the model, it is generally 350-550 yuan in the low season and 550-800 yuan in the high season. From Chengdu to Lugu Lake, you can choose to join a group tour or go by car.

Lugu Lake Dining Guide

Most of the restaurants in Lugu Lake are mainly concentrated in the villages near Daluoshui and the Rig Peninsula. Breakfast here is very rich and the price is cheap. Lunch and dinner can be determined according to their own circumstances. Special dishes include: pickled pear, pork fat, grilled dried fish, crispy lima wine, etc. Today is still on the road at lunch, you can bring your own dry food or solve it in the service area; for dinner, look for a local specialty restaurant in the Riga Peninsula to enjoy Mosuo cuisine.

Day2 Lugu Lake Travel tips

Today it is recommended to choose a chartered car around the lake. In the morning, you can get up early to enjoy the sunrise of Lugu Lake on Rig Island. Starting around the lake, go to Nisai Village to find the famous lover tree and early love tree; go to Xiaoluoshui, one of the oldest villages of the Mosuo people, to feel the original Mosuo style; go to the Luyuan cliff to admire the source of Lugu Lake; Lover Beach feels the ten-mile sandy shore and Yangliuyiyi; to the last Tusi Princess Palace to feel the glory and hardships of the “Queen of Mosuo” at that time; to see the reeds in the water in Caohai, and walk back from the beloved girl on the wedding bridge To the end; look at the Goddess Mountain in the Goddess Bay, waiting for the most beautiful sunset in Lugu Lake. There are very few scenic spots in the other half of Lugu Lake. After watching the sunset, you can choose to continue to return around the lake according to your own situation, or return to the island on the original road.
Rig Island (30 minutes) Chartered 6 minutes Nisai Village (30 minutes) Chartered 10 minutes, Xiaoluoshui (1 hour) Chartered 6 minutes, Luyuan Cliff (30 minutes) Chartered 12 minutes, Libai Valentine Beach (30 minutes) ) 15 minutes chartered, last Princess Palace (40 minutes) 13 minutes chartered, Caohai (2 hours) 40 minutes chartered Goddess Bay (2 hours)

Lugu Lake Traffic Guide

Chartered tour around Lugu Lake is one of the more convenient ways, depending on the model and season, the price is 400-600 yuan / day. If you have enough time and physical strength, renting a bicycle and electric car around the lake is also a good choice, but it will be more difficult.
If you choose to rent a bicycle or an electric car around the lake, the price of an electric car is about 60 yuan / day, and the price of a bicycle is about 30 yuan / day. It is recommended to go around the lake counterclockwise, because starting from Rig, going counterclockwise to the direction of the large water fall is a flat road, and going clockwise to the direction of Nisse and the small water fall will take a lot of mountain roads first. You can charge the battery car in Goddess Bay before returning. If you want to relax, you can also choose the half circle around the lake area, because the other half of the lake area has very few attractions, and the electric power of the electric car may sometimes not be able to support the round the lake for a week (consult the boss to know the condition of the electric car when renting a car).

Day3 Lugu Lake Tour

Today, I mainly visit the Gum Mountain, experience the handbrake train and the partially enclosed cable car, and overlook the panoramic view of Lugu Lake on the highest mountain around Lugu Lake. Nisai Village has less food, you can bring your own dry food for lunch, or return to Rig Island after playing, and solve it on Rig Island for dinner. Rig Island (10 minutes) 20 minutes by bike Nisse Village (cable car ride) 15 minutes by cable car Gem Mountain (half day)

Traffic guide: To go to the Goddess Mountain, you need to first reach the village of Nise, and then take the mountaineering ropeway up the mountain at the foot of the mountain. It is recommended to rent an electric car or bicycle to get there. The ropeway is divided into two sections, the first is the handbrake car, and the height is the ordinary cable car. The ropeway fare is 92 yuan per person, including insurance.

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