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“May Day” Shanghai’s tourist reception totaled 7.07 million, driving consumption of 9.5 billion yuan

2020-05-05 17:30Driving consumption of 9.5 billion yuan and fully implementing the travel reservation system is the biggest feature of this May 1 Shanghai cultural and tourism industry. On May 5, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism released the “May 1” Holiday City Culture and Tourism Holiday Market Situation Report. The total number of people received was 7.07 million, driving consumption of 9.5 billion yuan.

The Bund is still the most “fire”

During the “May Day” period, Shanghai’s 130 major scenic spots have received a total of 2.85 million tourists. Among them, the safari park received a total of 79,500 people; the science and technology museum received a total of 14,300 people; the Zhujiajiao ancient town received a total of 41,000 people; the Haichang Ocean Park received a total of 37,500 people; the Chenshan Botanical Garden received a total of 83,800 people; 8 red theme classes The scenic spots (spots) received a total of 9,700 tourists.

During the May Day holiday, the average occupancy rate of 332 country houses (including farmhouses) was 81%.

The city’s art museums open to the outside world received a total of 36,600 visitors during May Day.

The city’s museums open to the outside world received a total of 96,800 visitors during the May Day.

More than 200 public cultural places (non-genetic study centers, community cultural activity centers, group art centers, libraries) organized and carried out 579 reading activities, of which 30,000 were received by various libraries.

During the May Day period, the Bund, Yuyuan Garden and Xiaolujiazui areas received a total of 622,800 tourists, 132,300 and 539,100 tourists; Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts received a total of 245,000 tourists; Sheshan Tourism and Resorts received a total of 181,800 tourists ; Chongming world-class ecological island scenic spots received a total of 106,000 tourists; Huangpu River tours received a total of 13,500 tourists. The five districts along the Huangpu River received a total of 2.2496 million tourists. Among them, Pudong Binjiang received 935,600 tourists; Huangpu Binjiang received 944,000 tourists; Xuhui Binjiang received 124,600 tourists; Yangpu Binjiang received 114,200 tourists; Hongkou Binjiang received 129,400 tourists.

During the holidays, online cultural activities are abundant. Among them, the city’s art museums have accumulated a total of 433,000 views of various online activities; the city’s museums have accumulated over 580,000 views of “cloud exhibitions”; the cloud-based citizen cultural festival has a total of 1.453 million views.

The city’s cultural and tourism public service centers received a total of 70,300 person-times; distributed 13,400 copies of various promotional materials. The Shanghai Tourism Terminal has sent 259 passengers and 9 departures.

No major tourism safety accidents or mass complaints were received during the holidays.

Full appointment, real-time monitoring of some attractions

The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism revealed that during the May Day holiday, Shanghai has played an important role in the smart tourism management model relying on informatization and big data.

Play the role of big data platform. Relying on the city’s tourism information management and publishing platform, online monitoring of 86 open A-level scenic spots and 10 key cultural places in the city is carried out, and instantaneous passenger flow data and entrance video information are retrieved in real time. When the passenger traffic of the scenic venues is close to the set threshold (the maximum load capacity is 30%), an early warning is issued to the responsible body immediately, requiring them to take immediate measures to guide the tourists, achieving early detection, early warning, and early disposal, effectively avoiding passenger flow aggregation.

Fully implement the appointment system. Put the traffic control gate in front, urge and guide the city’s A-level scenic spots to implement the reservation mechanism for tourists to enter the park, especially for about 40 scenic spots that have not yet established a reservation system before the holiday, relying on the “Travel Shanghai” APP “Shanghai Tour Code” to realize the reservation function To ensure that the reservation services of 86 A-level scenic spots open to the whole city are fully covered. At the same time, there have been more than 50 A-level scenic spots in Shanghai that have launched time-slot reservation services to achieve more precise and precise travel diversion control.

Effectively strengthen on-site management and control. Supervise and guide the city’s A-level scenic spots to effectively implement the “five 100%” epidemic prevention and control measures of temperature measurement, code inspection, wearing masks, personnel flow limitation, and appointment registration; highlight the link of the park, implement the inspection gate forward, and open the inspection entrance 1. Set up barriers to enter the park, set up waiting signs for tourists and other measures to guide visitors to enter the park at intervals and enter the park in an orderly manner; at entrances and exits, key visit points, narrow roads, etc., take tips, increase personnel, etc. to strengthen on-site diversion. For example, when scenic spots such as the Oriental Green Boat and the International Fashion Center enter the park in the morning, additional inspection entrances are adopted to guide the flow of passengers into the park in an orderly and rapid manner, avoiding crowding and gathering.

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