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Main Attractions at Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park – Things to See/Do

Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park, located 8 kilometers south of the suburb of Zhangjiajie City, is a mountain-type natural scenic spot. The park has a total area of 96 square kilometers and a mountain top of 2 square kilometers. Its main peak is 1518.6 meters above sea level, which is a typical karst landform. Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park was approved as a National Forest Park in July 1992 and is a national 5A-level tourist area. Here let Local China Guide present the main tourist attractions of Tianmen Mountain Forest Park for you.

Tianmen Cave

On the 1264-meter high cliff of Tianmen Mountain, a natural gate hole through the north and south was born. The bottom to the top of the cave was 131.5 meters, the width was 37 meters, and the depth was 30 meters. At the top edge of the north side of the cave, there is an upside-down dragon head bamboo. Its roots are like dragon heads, and its leaves are like phoenix tails, so it is also called phoenix tail bamboo. On the east side is a trench with a height of more than 200 meters, and springs are scattered from above, and a little plum rain falls. It is said that who can catch 48 drops of plum blossoms with an open mouth can become an immortal. At the entrance of Tianmen Cave, Yanyan can often be seen dancing and mountain eagles circling. As the weather changes, Tianmen Cave sometimes swallows clouds and fog, and sometimes it looks bright like a mirror, forming a cyclical, ever-changing weather landscape. The 99th World Aerobatic Competition was held here. There is also a Tiancao above the Tianmen Cave with a pond and no water on it. At the top of Tianmen Cave, there is no water and no pond. I saw a stream of water, and there was a long stream. Tourists passed through the cave and looked up at the top of the cave. I saw water coming out of the eye. Therefore, it is called “Plum Blossom Water” by the people, so tourists come here to pick up the “Plum Blossom Water” symbolizing auspiciousness. This sky water, the more drought, the larger the running water, and red.

Tongtian Avenue

In May 2005, the “Tongtian Avenue” from Tianjiadong in Zhangmenjie City to Tianmen Mountain was completed. Tongtian Avenue has a total of 99 bends, with a total length of more than 10 kilometers and an elevation from 200 meters to more than 1200 meters. There are 180-degree sharp turns in many corners of the corridor! It is known as the “First Wonder of the World’s Highway” and is recognized as the “Top Ten Panshan Highway in China”. Tongtian Avenue starts from the Tianmen Mountain logo gate and reaches the foot of Tianmen Cave with a total length of 10.77 kilometers. But in such a short distance, its altitude has risen sharply from 200 meters to 1300 meters. The cliffs on both sides of the avenue are thousands of miles, the empty valleys are deep, and the 180-degree sharp bends disappear one after another. “The Wonder of the First Highway in the World”, Mr. Shen Peng, the executive vice president of the Chinese Calligraphy Association, walked through the Tongtian Avenue and happily wrote the inscription “Qu Dao Tong Tian”. The construction of Tongtian Avenue began in 1998. Due to the unique geology and climate of Tianmen Mountain, it was fully completed in 2005. It took eight years and cost nearly 200 million yuan. The whole project is full of hardships and hardships. It condenses the wisdom and hard work of all construction personnel. Its potential is thrilling and breathtaking. It is the first road spectacle in the world through the natural danger of winding through the mountain cliffs. There are nine layers in the sky, nine clouds in the clouds, and ninety-nine bends in the road. This highway with “the wonder of the world’s first highway” has also been praised by many international friends: this is a miracle as great as the Great Wall. This is a Chinese only A great project that can be completed. On both sides of the “Tongtian Avenue” there are thousands of cliffs, the valley is deep and deep, and the 180-degree sharp bends grow and fall one after another. Looking up like a spiral castle standing on the sky, the Great Wall of China floating in the air, overlooking the ribbons and the enchanting curve that extends like a sensational flutter. In 2008, the famous international stunt performer Luo Lixian and movie star Sun Honglei personally drove to challenge Tianlu, burning the Tianlu driving control boom to a boiling point.

Tianmen Mountain Ropeway

One: Tianmen Mountain cableway is 7455 meters long, the world’s longest cable way

The cableway line is 7455 meters long and the height difference between the upper and lower stations is 1279 meters. It is the world’s longest single-line cyclic detachable cable car type cableway. 98 of them are from the Swiss CWA company. The door height is 2 meters. The cost is as high as 200,000 yuan, especially the 6-meter / second running speed design, 1000 people / hour one-way traffic, and the maximum slope of 38 degrees, which are rare in China and even the world. The ropeway has added 3 ambulance brackets out of 57 brackets for the immediate implementation of the ‘horizontal ambulance’ or ‘vertical ambulance’ plan when the ropeway is suddenly fully paralyzed to safely rescue tourists to the ground, and the ropeway station is equipped with lightning protection Electric equipment, this is the most complete and advanced set of ambulance system in the world ropeway.

Two: humanized design, safe and secure

The Tianmen Mountain Ropeway started its project in May 1999. Ropeway companies from five countries including Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy and Japan came to Tianmen Mountain for inspection. Finally, according to the actual conditions of Tianmen Mountain and the requirements of the National Ropeway Safety Center, On March 17, 2001, Tianjin signed a contract with French MOPA company. The entire construction took place from the start of the ceremony on January 15, 2003 to August 2005. It took more than two years and cost 220 million yuan. The complete set of equipment is imported from abroad according to European standards except for the brackets produced in Tianjin, China. The entire construction is strict Implemented the safety process of “debugging-self-inspection-operation inspection-safety inspection”. Due to the extremely high and dangerous mountains along the cableway, the complex geological landforms, the construction difficulty is far beyond ordinary, and the entire construction process is extremely difficult. The Tianmen Mountain Ropeway not only condenses the wisdom and sweat of all construction personnel at home and abroad, but also integrates the most advanced scientific and technological achievements of contemporary ropeway projects. It can be called a miracle and a milestone in the construction of contemporary ropeway projects.
Considering the long running time of the ropeway, tourists need to be ventilated at high temperature. Each car is specially designed with two ventilation windows to form the convection of air. This humanized design is unique in China. Ropeway steel rope comes from France, with a diameter of 50.1mm and a weight of 10kg per meter, ensuring the safety of tourists.
The biggest highlight of the Tianmen Mountain Ropeway is the design of its climbing surface bracket. This bracket has a total of 96 pressure rollers and 16 support rollers. It integrates the most advanced theories in modern physics, modern engineering, and modern manufacturing. And the results, the world’s most advanced ropeway technology is applied, so that this ropeway always gives people a feeling of soul-stirring and momentum.

Three: The Tianmen Mountain Ropeway has three stations: lower, middle and upper.

The lower station covers an area of ​​11,140 square meters and the ground elevation is 165.80 meters above sea level. It is a roundabout tightening station and a station for tourists. Its shape It fully reflects the modern design inspiration, spectacular style, transparent and elegant. The arcs of the roofs of the annexes on both sides are like a pair of wings facing the sky. The whole station building uses white and green colors as the basic tones, symbolizing Baiyun and Natural; the building area of ​​the middle station is 3,230 square meters. It is a power-driven station and does not provide passengers to get on and off. The ground elevation of the upper station is 1,438.56 meters above sea level.
The Tianmen Mountain Ropeway starts from the city garden in the center of Zhangjiajie and goes directly to the original sky garden on the top of Tianmen Mountain. It is like a rainbow flying across the “world” and “sky”, and it is like a giant dragon rising above the sky. Soaring into the sky, full of enthusiasm, magnificent and magnificent, it has become one of the “Four Wonders” of Tianmen Mountain Tourism Scenic Area, adding another peerless wonder to this world-class scenic spot in Zhangjiajie.

Glass plank

The glass plank hangs over the west line of the top of Tianmen Mountain, it is 60 meters long, and its highest point is 1430 meters above sea level. It is the ghost valley trestle that hangs over the cliff in the Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie, the glass gazebo sticking out of the sky, and you can see below from the glass platform. The glass platform is 4-5 meters above the plank road, and it is another daring work created for tourists to take pictures and build a wooden suspension bridge across the canyon. This stimulating and shocking glass walkway with soft legs can be compared with the world-famous Grand Canyon Glass Corridor “Road to the Sky”. On sunny days, the reflection of the blue sky and white clouds is covered with the whole plank road, so that people can enjoy the thrill of walking on the cloud while being transparent with the transparent feet under their feet. The beauty is amazing. In order to allow tourists to see the beautiful scenery through the glass bridge without defects, tourists on the bridge are required to wear shoe covers to keep the glass bridge transparent and clean. If you are brave enough, you must challenge the eastern “Sky Road” on the top of Tianmen Mountain.

The boardwalk is made of reinforced concrete every one meter or so, all of which is made of tempered glass with extremely high transparency. It is said that each glass can withstand 1000 kg, so there is no problem with safety. The railing is also made of double-layer toughened glass and stainless steel skeleton!

Ghost Valley Trail

The Guigu plank road, located in the Wonderland Wonderland Scenic Area, is named after the cliff overhanging the Guigu Cave.
The boardwalk is 1600 meters long and has an average altitude of 1400 meters. The starting point is Yihongguan and the end point is Xiaotianmen. Different from other plank roads, the whole line of Guigu Trail is neither on the top of the cliff nor on the side of the cliff, but the whole line stands in the middle of the cliff, giving people the feeling of undulating and stretching with the cliff. Standing on the plank road overlooking the mountains, the ancients felt like they would be the top of the mountain and see the small mountains. Because Tianmen Mountain is a national forest park, with rich vegetation and typical karst landforms, on this plank road, you can find a feeling of flying over the tropical rainforest grand canyon by helicopter. The scenes you see here can make you immersive here.

Due to the influence of altitude and airflow, many small birds cannot reach a position parallel to the plank road. So, standing here, there is no marginal green field at the foot, flocks of birds playing in the canyon, occasionally an eagle glanced in front of him, closed his eyes, and twitched legs, with a rapid heartbeat, With your arms stretched out, you can get the most perfect, exciting, and natural spa. Because, to know that this kind of scenery on the cliff is generally not human can enjoy. If it is before the rain, after the rain, on the plank road, there is mist around you, and the sea of ​​clouds at the foot is rolling, making people lift their legs like fog, walking like clouds, the heavens on earth, and so on. According to the construction personnel, this plank road is also the most difficult and steepest of the plank roads they have built. If you still feel not exciting enough, there is a 160-meter-long suspension bridge between the two cliffs at the end of the plank road. At the same time, there is a glass platform that challenges the limits of your heart at the highest altitude. Here, if you You can straighten your waist and stretch your arms, then you are a real warrior.

Tianmenshan Temple

Tianmenshan Temple was first built in the Tang Dynasty and was known as Yunboan, Lingquanyuan, Songliangtang. In the Ming Dynasty, Tianmenshan Temple was moved here from the eastern mountaintop because of improper site selection and frequent wind and water shortages. In the past, the ancient trees were towering and the sun was overcast. The lintel of the ancient temple is engraved with the words “Tianmen Fairy Mountain”, and the couplet on both sides of the gate is: “There are days outside and nights without heaven, there is no mountain on the mountain.”Ye Fu wrote the book. The entrance is the Guanyin Hall behind the Great Buddha Hall, six bungalows on both sides, and the last one is the Patriarch Hall, a grand scale. The folks are summarized as “three entrance halls, six-ear houses, and iron brick pots with brick walls as swollen”. The original architecture of the mountain temple is very particular, with cornices raised, carved dragons and phoenixes, and statues of Buddha and Taoism. There is also a big drum, a big bell and a bell, a seven-level stone tower and a Dahua money furnace. According to the inscriptions, during the 163 years from the Qianlong period of the Qing dynasty to the Republic of China, Tianmenshan Temple was repaired seven times. The incense was very popular. The believers in more than ten counties along the border of Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan and Guizhou came here to worship incense and worship Buddha. Now Tianmenshan Tourism Co., Ltd. is repairing Tianmenshan Temple on a large scale, and the former prosperity will reappear. Read further about Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park.

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