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4.9 rating
26 Reviews

As a remote area, Tibet does not have very favorable accommodation conditions, but the lodging condition in Tibet has been greatly improved due to rapidly developing tourism in Tibet. Generally speaking, the overall level of accommodation in Tibet is lower than that in other cities of China. However, we promise to offer the most cost-effective hotels or guesthouses in every corners of Tibet.

Being open to the public as a tourist city in 1985, Tibet has very basic infrastructure of the tourism industry. It is kindly suggested that you don’t expect the Tibet hotels to the same standard as in your country. However, Tibet tourism industry is developing fast in since 2006 after the Qinghai Tibet railway opening to outside world. More and more hotels come up, please check out our selected and reputable Tibet hotels as listed. 

About Our Tibet Accommodation Reviews and Testimonials 

All our hotels reviews are collected by our hotel sales/marketing managers or bosses from Tibet on behalf of their property. And with strategic partnership with Tibet hotels, all the offers on Local China Guide (LCG) are better local prices than any giants such as or,, airbnb, etc. As Tibet is not a freely traveling place where foreign travelers can not travel independently, LCG provide easy add on service of applying Tibet entry permits and arranging Tibetan tour guides.

We have more than 100 hotels in whole Tibet and we guarantee you get the best deal for each room, you can not expect to get better deal from any other booking platform such as, or We provide one on one booking assistance, and provide add on services of airport/railway transfer, and Tibet travel permits application.

Lhasa Top Insider's Picks Hotels

When facing lots of comfortable hotels in Lhasa and feeling hard to decide which hotel to stay in?From all the reputable and recommended Lhasa hotels as on TripAdvisor, we further picked up top 12 Lhasa accommodations.

Luxury 5-Star Hotels in Lhasa

After a long flight or drive to Lhasa, the first thing you need is a relaxing rest in a very comfortable accommodation. To find a top end hotel in Lhasa? Why not select one of the Top Class Luxury 5-Star  hotels in Lhasa?

Book Accommodation around whole Tibet-Top Deals 2020 -2021

4.9 rating
26 Reviews

Great room and terrific Service

5.0 rating
May 9, 2020

We stayed here three nights and had breakfast and dinner here too the food was very good, the service was better than Beijing and very friendly. We would definitely come back to stay here if we are ever in this part of China/Tibet. Try some of the local food. fireman452 wrote the review Sep 2019


Amazing hotel

5.0 rating
May 9, 2020

This hotel knocked us down:) We have stayed in many great hotels all over the world, but this one was total surprise. We booked the room for three with Potala view and get fantastic room on the second floor. Room was very spacious, lovely furnished, very clean and we almost felt like we are not in the hotel. We had some troubles with curtains at the beginning, but friendly and kind staff immediately solved the problem. Bed was extremely comfortable and we “slept like little babies”. The bathroom knocked us down – fantastic, spacious and very well maintained. It is hard to believe that bathroom could be so spacious and cozy at the same time. Swimming pool was also fantastic, clean and with lovely atmosphere. We went for a dinner to hotel’s restaurant, and there was a big variety of food from different cuisines available in the buffet. We also used the access to the lounge on second floor to have breakfast and quick dinner. That was a very convenient option. We enjoyed fantastic private atmosphere with a few other guests nevertheless the variety of food was a bit smaller than in the main restaurant. Overall experience in Shangri-la hotel in Lhasa was just perfect.
Tiinnaa wrote a review Aug 2019


Feel the Himalayas from your window

5.0 rating
May 9, 2020

Great hotel , great quiet service from reception to the restaurants.
Oxygen lounge is a life saver.
There is a doctor on site.
In room dining : 24 hours.
I wish they don’t put dried banana chips or other fruits in the ice cream.
They have Happy Hour from 6-8 pm with great cakes, pastries.

Setty G

Nice room

4.0 rating
May 9, 2020

It’s a pretty hotel. The staff speaks English. If you need it, there’s an oxygen room in the basement. There’s also a doctor in a medical clinic in the basement if you get altitude sickness.
The evening buffet has a great selection. In general, the restaurant doesn’t have dairy-free or gluten-free options.
The room has a thermostat problem. It was bloody hot and hard to sleep there for 4 nights. We set the temp to 19c but it didn’t work. We also tried sleeping with the windows open and closed. Calling the repairman didn’t fix this problem. We also had this exact same problem in the Shangri-La Hotel in Shangri-La. They seem to like you to sleep in super hot rooms.
And they called our room at 10 pm the first night to send up our passports. The call woke us up because we were dead asleep. We’d checked in at 6 pm and it would have made much more sense to send them up to us right away or the next morning, instead of disturbing us.


My 4th visit within the last 5 years.

5.0 rating
May 9, 2020

I visited Tibet again and stayed for some three nights at the Lhasa Shangri-La hotel. This time for 2 nights from Oct. 21st to Oct. 23rd and again from Oct. 25th to Oct. 26th. On this year’s trip I was accompanied by my wife. We both liked and enjoyed our stay at this excellent hotel. The Shangri-La is still the top hotel I got used to on my previous trips. Even the restaurant staff has somehow learned to communicate a bit in English.
Since a couple of days stopover in Lhasa -adopting to high altitude – is recommended it’s all the better if one can rest and stay at the Shangri-La.

Eduard A

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