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Hotels in Gyantse

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Stay in Tibet for a longer days? Exploer many other cities besides Lhasa? Gyantse can be your good stop to unwind and take a rest! Look at the reputable Hotels in Gyantse we’ve picked up for you!

Enjoy Reputable Hotels in Gyantse

Tibet Gyantse is an important town connecting Lhasa and Tsetang. There are quite a lot of hotels in Gyantse, but they are not luxurious. The best hotel in Gyantse is only 2 star. If you are quite fussy about accommodations, you’d better spend the night in Shigatse city where better accommodation is available. Most tourists just make a stopover in this ancient town, so a good rest is enough for them.

Due to our long-year working experience and partnership with Tibetan tourism, we are proud to say that we can offer you largest selections and lowest price!

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