Tibet Nyingchi Hotels and Accommodation

Nyingchi is a wonderful stop to unwind along your Tibet journey. We’ve picked up a wide range of Tibet Nyingchi Hotels and Accommodation for foreign travellers. Book with us, you can get best deals!

Get the Best Deals of Tibet Nyingchi Hotels and Accommodation

Nyingchi (also with a name of “Nyingtri” or “Linzhi”), in Tibetan it means the “Throne of the Sun”. It is a prefecture in southeast Tibet Autonomous Region and it borders India, Myanmar, Yunnan and Sichuan province of China.

If you’re making a pilgrimage tour in Tibet and stop by Nyingchi or Pomi, we have prepared several high-quality Tibet Nyingchi Hotels and Accommodation for foreign travellers.  From business hotel, youth hostel to Tibetan-style hotel, you can enjoy human-friendly service as well as modern facility.

The hotels in Nyingchi centered in Bayi Town, the largest town along the stretch of travel route. Bayi Town is a good choice for an overnight stay as well as a transportation hub in Nyingchi. The accommodation in Nyingchi is relatively pleasant. Hotels in Nyingchi, ranging from five-star luxury hotels to economic hotels, offer a relatively pleasant accommodation. The economic level here is relatively better than other places in Tibet remote area. So, there are some hotels with great facilities and services, such as Nyingchi Hilton Hotel, Nyingchi Impression Hotel, Nyingchi Hotel, Mingren Business Hotel and Chongqing Xiaotian’e Hotel etc. Further to the east of Nyingchi, the accommodation infrastructure in the towns of Pomi, Ranwu, Basu, Zuogong, Mangkang has been improved a lot in the past years. You can also expect budget to comfortable standard stay in these small towns between Bayi and Sichuan Province.