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Accommodation in Nagchu Tibet

4.9 rating
26 Reviews

Here local agency offer you the best deals for accommodation in Nagchu Tibet. Are you looking for some trips to Lake Namtso, Damxung Country, Nagchu, Tibet region? You must be eager to find where to stay, which hotel to stay in this remote region of Tibet. Here at Nagchu Prefecture accommodation webpage we present you Tibet travel information about staying in Nagchu, Northwest of Lhasa. Hotels in Nagchu offer you a clean and relatively comfortable place to stay just off the main road. However, many hotels in Nagchu do not have licenses to accommodate foreign travelers.  Please send you inquiry to us if you have any questions regarding travelling and staying in Damxung country, or Nagchu, Tibet.

4.9 rating
26 Reviews

Himalaya Kailash Hotel is better then all the rest but it is just SO SO

5.0 rating
May 8, 2020

Our agent booked this hotel for our Kailash tour. And we were convinced it is the best one here. People have no better hotel options. It turned out to be a very basic stay here. The hot water not available, room is not very clean, and quilts blankets are not often washed. Breakfasts are terrible, we prepared our own easy food and better than their meals. But it is true that when we traveled there, there were no any other good hotels at all. So we have to learn to accept it, that is life and travel though in Tibet.

Joe Karl

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