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Travel to Tibet in Autumn Season

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 Many travelers wonder if September or October is a good time to visit Tibet. Fall season in Tibet is beautiful and a great opportunity to avoid the busy tourist crowd of summer. The weather becomes more mild and sky more clear. It is also the best time to do take trekking tours in Tibet besides May and June, because the end of monsoon seasons implies that there will be much less rain interference. In rural areas, the harvest will change the landscape dramatically, so it is definitely a unique time to enjoy the magnificent scenery of Tibet.

There are countless things to do in Tibet in the fall. You can bath in the warm afternoon sun while observing passing local pilgrims in Lhasa. You can admire the stunning sunset at Everest base camp. You will especially enjoy the colorful forest of Lulang, Nyingchi, in east Tibet, which makes you feel like you are entering the magical world of wonderland.

There will still be big temperature difference between day and night in Tibet in autumn. Travelers should pack both short sleeves for daytime activities and thick winter clothes for the evenings and time in mountainous region(e.g. at Everest base camp, temperature can always drop below 0 degree Celsius). Because of perennial strong sunlight, make sure to always bring items such as sunglasses, sunscreen, scarf, hat, lip balm, etc.

Not only is autumn the harvest season of the whole year, but also the perfect time to appreciate the essence of the grand nature. You can enjoy the cozy sunshine bath in front of Potala Palace, observe devout pilgrims prostrating along Barkhor Street, capture the stunning sunset over Mount Everest, feast your eyes with reds, yellows, greens and purples in Lulang Forest and so on.

If you do not come to Tibet in fall, you can hardly imagine that the skies can be so azure, stars can be low enough to touch, and the heart can be that close to the heaven. If you do not come to Tibet in fall, you probably can not think that the boundary between the entity and its reflection can be so vague as if lake possesses another Tibetan autumn. If you do not come to Tibet in fall, you perhaps can not guess that the the pure and holy Tibet has such a colorful and fantastic side.

Turquoise blue lakes, greenery canyons, gorgeous pine forests, snow-white mountains peaks, majestic glaciers, yellow golden fields, rolling grassland, clusters of grazing cattle and sheep, etc. interweave a picturesque landscape for you to indulge in. If you do not want to miss the most beautiful scenery of the late autumn, please be sure to travel Tibet in the splendid season.

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