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Practical and informative Tibet Travel Advice & Tips Guidelines

With our practical travel tips, your Tibet tour becomes easier. As we have done the most of the Tibet tour preparation work for you.Follow these Tibet travel tips, you can get the latest Tibet travel information including Tibet travel permits, visa documents, weather and temperatures, flights and train travel schedule and also you can learn basic Tibet travel facts such as high altitude sickness, Tibet tour packing advice, Tibet local customs and beyond.


2020-05-05 17:30: Driving consumption of 9.5 billion yuan and fully implementing the travel reservation system is the biggest feature of this May 1 Shanghai cultural and tourism industry. On May 5, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism released the "May 1" Holiday City Culture and Tourism Holiday Market Situation Report. The total number of people received was 7.07 million, driving consumption of 9.5 billion yuan. The Bund is still the most "fire". The Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism revealed that during the May Day holiday, Shanghai has played an important role in the smart tourism management model relying on informatization and big data.
Chengdu to Lhasa adventure
Hello, welcome to travel by overland from Chengdu to Lhasa in 10 days. This classic scenic photography covers most of the highlights on the way. You will enjoy the Tibetan minority's culture and fascinating scenery. The tour best season is between March and November. Each month has it's own features. Those who visit Tibet for the first time will choose this route. Here is the routing and itinerary details. 
Zhang Rui heard the work report of Chongqing company: Release Date: 2020-06-01 Source: China Changjiang Shipping Group Co., Ltd. Views: On the afternoon of May 31st, Zhang Rui, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of Changhang Group, listened to the video of Chongqing Company’s production and operation, reform and adjustment, new cruise construction, cruise tourism development, and Yangtze cruise operation management in the conference room on the 27th floor of Changhang Building. , Liu Guangyao, deputy general manager of Changhang Group, and Tang Xinlong attended the report. After listening to the report, Zhang Rui pointed out that the cruise travel business, as one of the two core main businesses of Changhang Group, is highly valued by China Merchants Group.
China News Agency, Beijing, May 9th. From 0:00 to 24:00 on May 8, there were no new reports of foreign imports and confirmed cases of local new coronary pneumonia in Beijing. This is the 23 consecutive days that Beijing has not reported newly confirmed cases. As of 24:00 on May 8, Beijing had imported 21 cases and confirmed cases locally. As a responsible tour operator, Local China guide does not suggest you travel to Beijing in the near future. It would be much safer to travel after 2020 to Beijing and other parts of China. More details? Please stay in touch with Local China Travel Guide.
Those who visit Lugu Lake for the first time will choose this route. And the Lugu Lake Classic Three-Day Tour Best Season is from March to October. Here below let local China guide travel service team recommend you the 3 days tour to Lugu from Lijiang. Lugu Lake Photography Route overview D1 Lining Eighteen Bend Observation Deck (15 minutes) → Lugu Lake Observation Deck (15 minutes) → Daluoshui Pier (10 minutes) → Lugu Lake Scenic Area-Lugu Lake Lock Island (2 hours) → Rig Island (2 hour) D2 Rig Island (30 minutes) → Nisai Village (30 minutes) → Xiaoluoshui (1 hour) → Luyuan Cliff (30 minutes) → Libai Lover Beach (30 minutes) → Last Princess Palace (40 minutes) → Caohai (2 hours) → Goddess Bay (2 hours) D3 Rig Island (10 minutes) → Nisai Village (cable car ride) → Gam Mountain (half day)-back to Lijiang.
Here are important 30 details of interpersonal communication which you understand the earlier and the better. Follow local China gudie to learn more Chinese philosophy. 01 Don't show off and show off your achievements, but don't be too low-key and hide your strength. Not everyone can see you from the outside, learn to let yourself shine at the right time, and only then will there be good people who are happy to approach you. 02 Don't habitually persuade others to be generous, persuade others to be kind, and persuade others to take a step back. If you do n’t happen to yourself, you wo n’t know how much it hurts. Sometimes, keeping silent is the best respect. 03 When meeting head-to-head with someone you are not familiar with, don't dodge, smile naturally, nod, say hello and talk a few words if you have time, and you may get unexpected information.
Sichuan has beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, which has attracted many tourists from home and abroad to come for a holiday! Although there are many Sichuan travel guides online, most of them are messy! The editor looked through for a long time and was dazzled, but still confused! Isn't there a streamlined and practical guide to playing in Sichuan? To this end, we have compiled a clear and detailed Sichuan travel guide.

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