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The Sichuan-Tibet Southern Highway Overland Tour is famous in China and around the world. It is a long way of a total distance of 2142 km but the scenery is definitely worth seeing and you will have a life-long unforgettable memory after the tour. Along the way, you can view natural views from plains to plateau. The changes of elevations bring fresh and stunning changes of landscape. That’s why many people list this route into their dreaming overland tour in their life. You can take as many photos as you like during the trip because it is the photography tour with so many picturesque spots. The river, lake, green mountains, snow-capped mountains, and winding roads together make a panorama of magic southwest of China. Please follow us and we will provide the best overland tour you have ever had!


Day 1: Chengdu Arrival (512m)
Day 2: Chengdu-Leshan Giant Buddha-Ya’an (601m, 260km, 2.5 hours)
Day 3: Ya’an-Kangding (2,480m, 189km, 4 hours)
Day 4: Kangding-Xinduqiao-Litang (4,040m, 285km, 7 hours)
Day 5: Litang-Batang-Markam (3,875m, 294km, 7 hours)
Day 6: Markam-Basu-Ramwu Lake (3,960m, 450km, 9 hours)
Day 7: Ramwu Lake-Pomi-Nyingchi (3,040m, 360 km, 12 hours)
Day 8: Nyingchi-Basum Lake-Tidrum Hot Spring (4,590m, 460km, 12 hours)
Day 9: Tidrum Hot Spring-Lhasa (3,650m, 140km, 4 hours)
Day 10: Highlight Potala, Jokhang, Barkhor tour in Lhasa (3,650m)
Day 11: Norbulingka-Drepung Monastery-Sera Monastery (3,650m)
Day 12: Lhasa Departure


  • Handpicked local Tibetan tour guide and driver
  • Comfortable licensed vehicles according to your group size
  • 100% Tibet Travel Permits Guaranteed
  • Instant tour booking
  • Fantastic landscape from Chengdu to Lhasa
  • Leshan Giant Buddha view
  • Ranwu Lake and Basum Lake sightseeing
  • Nyingchi Lulang Forest and Huge Cypress sightseeing
  • Enjoy Tidrum Hot Spring
  • Lhasa two-day highlight tour

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