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Local Tibet travel agency provides economic Lhasa Airport Arrival and departure transfer for worldwide travelers. Do not know how to get cheap transfer between Lhasa Airport and your hotel in Lhasa City? As a foreign traveler entering into or leaving Tibet, it is very complicated to get reliable and legal transfer between Lhasa Gonggar airport and your hotel in Lhasa. Here Tibet local guide travel service (our booking center in Lhasa) provides you reliable and economic Lhasa Airport transfer solution.

Notice, Please send us your flights details, so your trip advisor and our driver will track the flight status and expect your scheduled arrival/departure on time.

Lhasa Airport Transfer Special Note

1. The free waiting time for Lhasa Airport pick up is 1 hour, and the overtime needs to pay the driver CNY 70 yuan (US$10) / hour (and so on). If the flight is delayed or cancelled/changed, please reconfirm to your consultant and/or driver by email or phone call instantly and reconfirm the updated scheduled hour/flight number.

2. The pick-up price is one-way price based on per person (book for at least 3 people at a time), If you travel solo, additional charge for a private pick up will apply, please consult online customer service before payment;

3. The actual number of passengers and/or luggage must not exceed the number of people booked, we do not overcharge if you have have heavy or extra luggage/bags though. Please consult customer service for details;

4. Vehicles cannot be parked in an area for a long time due to transportation policy and traffic control. If the driver cannot be found at the agreed location, please contact the driver or customer service in time by email and or phone call;

5. For those needing hotel to Lhasa airport transfer drop off service, please prepare enough time to arrive at the airport (70 mins transfer time is necessary, while 2 hours before flight taking off time to clear the custom is mandatory). SO, We need to leave Hotel 3 hours before flight scheduled taking off time. If you cannot catch up with the flight due to your own delay,  we will not be held responsible.

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