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Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Streets should be on the itinerary of every Lhasa visitor. This beautiful area constitutes the majority of the historic center of Lhasa. They are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Historic Ensemble of Potala Palace. Our Jokhang Temple Barkhor Streets tour is your best opportunity to experience Tibetan culture and connect with Tibetan history. With the services from our knowledgeable English speaking local Tibetan guide, you will immerse yourself in an authentic local environment while having a rich learning experience.

Our Jokhang Temple Barkhor Streets tour takes about 2-3 hours. Our English speaking local Tibetan tour guide will meet you in the historic center near Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Streets. We will begin the tour immediately.

One highlight of Jokhang Temple is a life-size statue of the Shakyamuni at age of 12. It was brought to by Princess Wencheng as dowry when Songtsan Gambo married her in 641. It is the most venerated object in Tibetan Buddhism. Many pilgrims come to Jokhang Temple from all over the world specifically to pay homage to the Jowo Rinpoche. You can ask any question about Tibetan Buddhism and be satisfactorily answered by our knowledgeable guide. Afterwards, we take a stroll on Barkhor Streets. We can join the pilgrims on their circling and prostrating rituals, and then shop for some handicrafts and souvenirs to bring home.

After the tour, we will see you off at the historic center. If you want to do more sightseeing for the remaining time of your Tibetan journey, we welcome you to check out more Tibetan culture tours that we offer.

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