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Expect to have a unique way to explore a new place? Sichuan Cuisine Museum in Chengdu is a place where you can get hands-on with Chuancais (Sichuan cuisine). Trying to cook a local dish is a personal experience and unforgettable highlight of your China tour. Here book with local China guide tourism platform to get the direct offer from the supplier. We can easily provide add on pick up and drop of transfer service. Enjoy your booking with us.

  • Private cooking chef (from cooking class) as guide (7 learners/students plus 1 teacher as guide);
  • Cooking hat, cooking aprons (you can take away for free after the class);
  • Typical Sichuan Tea (Gaiwancha), cold beer, cold sprite, cold mineral water;
  • Up to 20 famous Chengdu local snacks;
  • The dish you cook by yourself;
  • Private Mandarin and English-speaking guide (from museum);
  • Entrance ticket fees for all the sight spots listed in the itinerary;
  • Bilingual Recipe (Chinese and English)

Highlights in Sichuan Cuisine Museum

  • Snacks: egg pancake, northern Sichuan pea jelly, and stone-milled bean curd pudding
  • Classic Collection Hall: Thousands of food culture relics reveal the cooking stories behind Chinese history.
  • Gardens: special Sichuan architectural style
  • Raw materials display: see many green ingredients and other vegetables there
  • Kitchen God Ancestral Hall: cherish food and worship the Kitchen God
  • Old Restaurant Alley: Explore the most famous and classic restaurants in Sichuan.
  • Tools display: wind blower, sugar mill, and hit machine
  • Culinary arts: enjoy a fire demonstration and cook a dish
  • Banquet and entertainment: enjoy tea, fresh fruit juice, and a cocktail
  • Leisure and tea: bamboo chairs, tea table, and mahjong

Get insights into the Complex Flavors of Sichuan Food

The cooking methods of Sichuan cuisine vary according to texture and bite required for each specific dish. The array of cooking methods includes stir-frying, steaming, braising, baking, and the most popular of which is fast-frying.Thus, in order to decrease the cooking difficulty, the chief will teach attendees several sumptuous Sichuan Cuisine — Kung Pao chicken, Soft steamed dumplings, Mapo tofu. After finishing all the cooking stuff, you can sit down and enjoy your fruits of your labor with your fellow food lovers. In the end, you can write down all the secret recipes from your master chief. In this case, not only does it leave you an unforgettable memory of Chengdu tour, but also recipe cards to impress friends and family with your new-found knowledge.

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