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Once you step into the sacred land of Tibet, you’ll be amazed by the natural wildness and simple folk style. This 22-30 day tour take you to Kham highland from Chengdu plain, of which the journey can be varied and adventurous. Welcome to explore this wonderland by joining this Tibet Kham Motorcycle!

 High-speed Adventure towards Tibet Kham

Generally, this typical Kham motorcycle adventure tour mostly begins from Chengdu. However, it depends on your final itineraries and end in Chengdu in return as well. Specifically, we will pass through many traditional Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, high mountain passes, nomadic grasslands, Tibetan villages and small downtowns. Thus, you can have a full insight into the harmony between nature and human. Also, you’ll feast your eyes with a perfect combination of natural scenery and cultural heritage. Honestly, the motorcycle and sidecar adventure tour is always very special for our clients. Not only can customers go through all the terrific scenery, but also ride a motorbike and do this cool outdoor activity all the way to Kham. What an unforgettable travel experience!

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