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China Inbound Airlines Suspension Timeline Since COVID19 Pandemic Outbreak from Late 2019

Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and many other airline companies update the information on flights and transfers between the United States and China.

Delta plans to retain 2 US-China routes in June

At present, the level of US travel restrictions is Level 4 and travel is not recommended. For those who plan to return to China, please contact relevant domestic departments in advance and report in advance. The relevant information of the US-China route is continuously updated:

Retained information for US-China routes in May: execution time is May 3 to May 31

Air China: Beijing-Los Angeles round trip CA987 / 8, 7 per week
China Eastern Airlines: Shanghai Pudong-New York round trip MU587 / MU588, 2/3 per week
Xiamen Airlines: Xiamen-Los Angeles round trip MF829 / MF830, 7/1 every week
China Southern Airlines: Guangzhou-Los Angeles round trip CZ327 / CZ328, 6/7 per week
U.S. return home program

Currently connecting countries: Canada, Incheon, South Korea, Narita, Tokyo, Europe (Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, etc.)

It is recommended that the small partners who need to return to the country should not check their luggage as much as possible. Hang straight to the final destination. Try to choose not to change the terminal and stay overnight, let alone immigration. European transfers are recommended for connecting, and do not double transfers in the Schengen area.

Transfer in South Korea: Transfer back to South Korea, Seoul Incheon Airport, Hubei Passport is not allowed to transfer, not allowed to enter South Korea

Current US-Korea reserved routes: Delta: Seattle / Detroit-Seoul Incheon; Air Canada: Vancouver-Seoul Incheon; Korean Air: Los Angeles / San Francisco / New York / Atlanta / Chicago / Toronto-Seoul Incheon; Asiana Airlines: San Francisco / Los Angeles / New York-Seoul Incheon

Currently Korea-China reserved routes:

Air China: Beijing-Seoul Incheon round trip CA123 / 4, 5 per week
China Eastern Airlines: Shanghai Pudong-Incheon round-trip MU5041 / 42, 5 per week
China Southern Airlines: Shenyang-Incheon round-trip CZ681 / 682, 7 per week
Xiamen Airlines: Xiamen-Seoul Incheon round-trip MF 871/872, 1 per week
Korean Air: Shenyang-Seoul Incheon round trip KE831 / 832, 5 per week
Shandong Airlines: Qingdao-Seoul Incheon round trip SC4087 / 88, 5 per week
Asiana Airlines: Changchun-Seoul Incheon round trip OZ303 / 04, 7 per week
Transfer in Japan: Transfer back to Japan to transfer to Tokyo Narita Airport, do not change the terminal or stay overnight, do not enter the country can transfer.

Currently US-Japan reserved routes: United: San Francisco-Tokyo Narita; American Airlines: Dallas-Tokyo Narita; Air Canada: Vancouver-Tokyo Narita; ANA: Los Angeles LAX / Chicago ORD / New York JFK / Mexico City-Tokyo Narita

Currently Japan-China reserved routes:

Air China: Shanghai-Tokyo Narita round trip CA929 / 30, 4 per week
China Eastern Airlines: Shanghai Pudong-Tokyo Narita round trip MU523 / 4, 5 per week
China Southern Airlines: Shenyang-Narita to and from CZ627 / 628, 4 times per week
Xiamen Airlines: Fuzhou-Tokyo Narita round trip MF809 / 810, 5 per week
Spring Airlines: Shanghai Pudong-Tokyo Narita 9C6217 / 8, 7 per week
ANA: Shanghai Pudong-Tokyo Narita round trip NH919 / 920, 7 per week
Spring and Autumn in Japan: Harbin-Narita, Tokyo round trip IJ213 / 4, 7 per week
Japan Airlines: Dalian-Tokyo Narita JL829 / 820, 4 times a week
Information on other airlines’ US-China routes:

American Airlines

Los Angeles (LAX) / Dallas (DFW) to Beijing (PEK) / Shanghai (PVG): suspension of service until October 23, 2020
Los Angeles (LAX) to China HONGKONG (HKG): suspension of service until October 23, 2020
Dallas (DFW) to China HONGKONG (HKG): suspension of service until July 1, 2020; resumption of 3 classes on July 2 every week until October 23
United Airlines (see details)

All U.S. flights between Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, and HONGKONG, China: Canceled flights 6 February-20 May 2020
Delta Airlines Delta Airlines (see details)

All U.S. flights between Beijing and Shanghai, China: Canceled flights February 6-May 31, 2020
Air Canada (see details)

Flights from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver to Beijing, Shanghai, China: Cancellation of flights until May 31, 2020
HONGKONG flights from Toronto to China: Cancelled until May 31, 2020; Vancouver-China HONGKONG flights reserved

Update May 11

In June, Delta Air Lines plans to return two routes to China. If five policies are cancelled, the resumption route will be Seattle-Shanghai DL281 / 282, once daily and Detroit-Shanghai DL583 / 582, once daily.

Update May 4

United Airlines may resume the US-China route as early as June 4th. If the five one-one policies are cancelled, the possible resumption routes are San Francisco-Beijing / Shanghai / Chengdu and Newark-Shanghai
Dutch transfers need to fill out a health declaration form
New feasible route for returning home: US-Schengen-Belarus-Schengen-China

Update April 22

Air Canada has grounded the Canada-US route from April 27 for 4 weeks. The planned recovery time is May 22.

Update March 26

The Civil Aviation Administration of China announced that it will further reduce the number of international passenger flights. Since March 29, 2020, each domestic airline can only keep one route to any country, and each route may not operate weekly. More than 1 flight; each foreign airline can only keep one route to China, and the weekly operating frequency should not exceed 1 flight.

Update March 24

Hongkong, China announced that starting in the early morning of March 25, all non-Hongkong residents will not be allowed to enter Hong Kong by air, and the airport will stop all transfer services for a tentative period of 14 days. People from the Mainland, Macau and Taiwan who have entered the country in the past 14 days are not allowed to enter the country. All people entering the country, including local residents, are required to perform mandatory quarantine for 14 days, and the relevant measures are tentatively scheduled for 14 days.
From March 24, Air China will suspend international and regional flights to other international and regional flights via Beijing.

Update February 1

From February 2nd, 2020, at 5:00 pm Eastern Time, the United States temporarily allows only US citizens and permanent residents and their immediate family members to enter the United States. All flights from China to the United States will be limited to the following 11 airports: San Francisco SFO, Los Angeles LAX, Seattle SEA, New York JFK, Atlanta ATL, Hawaii Honolulu HNL, Chicago ORD, Washington IAD, New Jersey EWR, Dallas DFW.

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