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China opens domestic tourism, global tourism is expected to resume in 2023

As the epidemic in China gradually eases, Tuyi Group, known as the world’s largest travel company, will start selling tourist services to the Chinese people again. But Europeans want to go on vacation and have to wait patiently for a while.After Argentina bans passengers from entering countries with new outbreaks, the airport is empty. The German travel company TUI Group (TUI) in China said it has restarted its tourism business in China.

After suspending operations for three months, the tour service launched by TUI Group, Europe’s largest travel company, at this stage mainly focuses on short-term travel in mountainous areas and seasides, as well as tourism solutions in suburbs of large cities.

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In a statement, the CEO of TUI Group, Fritz Joussen, said that although the Group’s offices in Shanghai and Beijing continued to operate during the epidemic, the authorities did not allow them to sell holiday travel programs at that time. The statement said: “We have now observed that the public’s demand for holiday tourism has accumulated to a certain amount. In the next few weeks, the China branch of TUI Group will gradually expand the supply.” Since the outbreak, various countries have implemented tourism controls to prevent further outbreak Diffusion, but also pay close attention to the development of China’s tourism market as a reference for future planning.

Since April, China’s internal tourism market has shown signs of recovery, and aviation industry experts also expect that before international tourism returns to the previous level, most domestic tourism projects will be able to return to the past. Read more about China Tours.

However, in order to prevent the second wave of outbreaks caused by foreign passengers, the Chinese authorities still implement traffic control in some areas to strictly control the import of overseas outbreaks. For example, the implementation of the “first entry point” measures in Beijing to strengthen the quarantine of passengers, reducing the number of flights also significantly reduces the number of passengers entering and leaving.

According to media reports, Lufthansa turned to the German Federal Government for help at a loss, and has obtained the authorities’ approval to spend nearly 10 billion euros to save.

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), one of the 15 professional organizations under the United Nations, also predicts that the demand for international tourism, or overnight stays at tourist attractions, will fall by 30% from the 2019 record of 1.5 billion. Now, nearly two-thirds of aircraft in the aviation industry have been suspended due to a significant decrease in passenger numbers. Some sightseeing cruises will not sail until November.

Tourism Economics, a consulting firm under the Oxford Economics, once predicted that reduced tourism demand due to the epidemic may not return to its previous level until 2023. The traveler, Egypt ’s founder of Egyptian knight tourism, Mahmoud Hadhoud, said that even if the epidemic is over, it will take time to get people out of fear and restore their past spending power.

Media: German government wants to spend 10 billion to rescue Lufthansa
Lufthansa is in trouble due to the new crown crisis. There are media reports that the German federal government plans to directly invest in this company that is in financial trouble. (01.05.2020)

After the epidemic, how will the European tourism industry be reborn?

Spain considers “loosening” German travel industry 60% fears bankruptcy

The European Union has implemented traffic control at the borders of various countries since March. Qiu Sen called on the European Union to start considering restarting tourism within the European Union. He said: “The EU and its member states should formulate a timetable on how to resume tourism within the EU, so that people have a way to go on vacation in 2020.” He mentioned Greece, Cyprus, the Canary Islands of Spain, Austria, Bulgaria and others have made progress in restoring tourism.

In an interview with the German media picture newspaper, the German Ministry of the Interior visited Horst Seehofer, ruled out the possibility of opening the German-Austrian border for holidaymakers, and worried that it might trigger a second wave of new crown epidemics. Prior to this, the Austrian Ischgl ski resort was disclosed to be associated with hundreds of confirmed cases of new crowns in Germany and the Nordic countries.

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