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Reminder about rationally responding to flight issues during the epidemic and minimizing unnecessary international travel

2020/05/05:Recently, affected by Brazil’s new coronary pneumonia epidemic situation and changes in entry-exit policies of various countries, São Paulo’s return flight options have decreased, and it is expected that the possibility of large-scale resumption of flights in the short term is not high. The Consulate General in Sao Paulo once again reminded Chinese citizens of the Consulate and those who intend to return from other countries in South America via Sao Paulo:

First, rationally negotiate with the airline company to solve the problem of ticket refund and modification

At present, many people choose to return to their home country through Ethiopia. However, my embassy in Ethiopia has issued a reminder that Ethiopian Airlines has only one flight a week from Addis Ababa to Shanghai, and the ticket has been overbooked until the end of June. At present, Ethiopia is a hub for overseas Chinese transit in many countries around the world. Overselling will inevitably lead to the cancellation of most guest seats. Even if a passenger has purchased a ticket, it does not mean that he can board the plane. If you can’t confirm the seat from Ethiopia to the domestic section, you will rush to travel. After arriving in Ethiopia, you will be forced to quarantine for more than 14 days at your own expense. If the quarantine period is not expired, you will not be allowed to leave even if you buy a ticket. In this case, it is highly likely that airlines will not allow passengers to fly from Sao Paulo to Ethiopia, but can only change or refund tickets. If your return flight is canceled for any reason, we suggest that you wait patiently, contact the airline or ticket agency to solve the refund problem reasonably, and do not gather at the airport check-in counter or conflict with the staff.

Second, do not play “scratch the ball” to minimize unnecessary international travel

São Paulo is an important transit hub in South America. Currently, there are a large number of Chinese citizens stranded in São Paulo ’s territory and countries in South America affected by the epidemic. With the recent drastic reduction in return routes, some compatriots plan to purchase multiple non-interline flights and plan to return to China via multi-country transfers. Here, I would like to remind you that most of the air tickets in South America-Sao Paulo-transit country-China are not connected. Most of the transfers at Sao Paulo International Airport require entry baggage collection, re-check-in procedures and even terminal changes. However, the Brazilian government has announced that it will continue to restrict the entry of foreign citizens by air, so please do not report any chances to play a “side-by-side ball” to buy multiple non-connected flights and transfer back to the country, otherwise you will face the inability to transfer due to non-connected tickets, or waiting The next flight on the transit route was suddenly cancelled, which caused a dilemma in the airport transfer area. As all countries in South America have closed their borders, passengers will be caught in an embarrassing situation where they cannot return to the country of departure, enter Brazil, or continue their journey, and will have to stay in the airport transit area indefinitely.

In addition, the current global epidemic situation is still grim. In order to avoid cross-infection on the way to international travel, it is worth the loss, and once again recommends that Chinese citizens in the territories should do home isolation protection, postpone the return plan, and minimize unnecessary international travel.

3. Beware of fraud in the name of “charter”

As of now, our library has not received any information about “charter flights” for Chinese citizens in the consular district. Recently, due to the drastic reduction in the number of return routes from various countries, some criminals used everyone ’s anxiety during the epidemic to defraud on the basis of “charter flights”. Our library particularly reminds everyone that if you receive such news, please check with our library or relevant domestic departments in a timely manner. Do not listen to rumors, and do not easily disclose personal certificate information to others or even transfer money to others. If there is any major news concerning Chinese citizens of Travelling Saints, our library will promptly release it through public channels such as the website of the museum and WeChat public account.

4. Related contact information

Consulate General and Consulate in São Paulo Tel: 0055-11-30610800

China Ministry of Foreign Affairs Global Call Center for Emergency Insurance and Service Tel: 0086-10-12308 or 0086-10-59913991

St. Paul International Airport Joint Police Station on duty Tel: 0055-11-24452212

Ethiopian Airlines (Brazil): 0055-11-34111875 / 40635199; Vendas.Sao@Aviareps.Com

Turkish Airlines (Brazil): 0055-11-33719600;,

Qatar Airways (Brazil): 0055-11-24457966;

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