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Is Shanghai entry required to be quarantined? Travel China Guide Updates the Latest Restriction news

2020-05-08 09:53:41: Shanghai’s entry requirements are getting stricter. Many Chinese and foreigners entering Shanghai from abroad are required to undergo strict inspections. Both foreigners and Chinese and overseas Chinese need to be inspected and take special closed-loop channels. The detailed rules and requirements are shared below.

Do I need to be isolated in Shanghai?

From 0:00 on March 13, 2020, all Chinese and foreign personnel who have traveled or lived in key countries (regions) within 14 days before entering Shanghai will be quarantined for 14 days.

Is Shanghai entry required to be quarantined?

According to the laws and regulations of the Frontier Health and Quarantine Law, the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, and the provisions of the Joint Prevention and Control Program of the State Council, under the leadership of the Joint Defense and Control Mechanism in Shanghai, the Shanghai Customs has faced the increasingly serious and complicated situation abroad, and the prevention of overseas imports has become the The top priority for epidemic prevention and control is the front line battlefield.

Shanghai Customs resolutely implemented the deployment requirements of the Party Committee of the General Administration of Customs and the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for the first time, and further strengthened the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic at the port. Shanghai Customs closely cooperates with relevant departments and earnestly implements the requirements of “three inspections, three rows, and one transshipment”, and quarantines, scientific quarantine, and precise quarantine for entry personnel, and resolutely curbs the spread of the epidemic situation through ports.

Recently, as a member unit of the Port and Transportation Group of the Shanghai New Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak Prevention and Control Working Group, Shanghai Customs and relevant departments have formulated a large-scale flow of customs clearance for entry and exit of Shanghai Airports, and organically embed various port control measures Local joint defense and joint control are in the whole chain.

Is Shanghai entry required to be quarantined? The process was officially launched on March 7.

1. Establish a large-scale port sub-distribution customs clearance process to achieve full-loop closed-loop management

This process fully opens up all links of Shanghai Airport ’s self-boarding inspection, entry quarantine, border inspection, baggage clearance, exit diversion, and local closed-loop transshipment. Through physical isolation, it realizes the classified closed-loop disposal and follow-up diversion of all inbound personnel to ensure key inbound personnel. Every effort should be made to ensure smooth and efficient customs clearance at ports.

(1) Boarding inspection

At present, the customs carries out 100% boarding inspections of designated flights on the inbound flights of the key prevention and control countries of the port.

(2) Entry quarantine

According to the general customs clearance process at the port, immigration personnel from key prevention and control countries at the port take physical isolation and complete customs entry and quarantine formalities within the closed corridor. At this stage, the customs strictly implemented the “three inspections, three rows and one transshipment” quarantine measures, including reviewing the health declaration cards of entry personnel, body temperature screening, epidemiological investigations, medical investigations, etc., and implemented classification and disposal of all entry personnel in accordance with relevant guidelines .

(3) Frontier inspection

The border inspection department is responsible for handling border entry procedures, and rechecks the classification of entry personnel.

(4) Customs clearance

For luggage of inbound flights in key countries, the airport group sets up a special baggage claim carousel in the luggage arrival area, and assigns special personnel to be responsible for emergency repairs, tray sorting and disinfection. After the baggage is collected by the immigration personnel, the customs shall carry out baggage inspection and guide the immigration personnel to exit the customs orderly.

(5) Diversion

According to the general customs clearance process of the port, the port and the traffic group set up a separate post in the area, and airport staff and volunteers are responsible for guiding them into the rest area or direct release according to the immigration personnel label, so as to achieve a seamless connection between the port and the place .

(6) Closed-loop transfer

According to the unified deployment of Shanghai’s joint defense and joint control mechanism, from 03:00 on March 13, all Chinese and foreign personnel who have traveled or lived in key countries (regions) within 14 days before entering Shanghai will be quarantined for 14 days. .

In the rest isolation area, according to the division of territorial control responsibilities, the airport group, 16 districts in Shanghai, and the workplaces located at the airport in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province are based on Shanghai inbound personnel and non-Shanghai inbound personnel with or without departure plans within 12 hours. , Responsible for arranging special vehicles to transfer the corresponding personnel to a centralized isolation point or residential isolation community. The epidemic prevention and control gates of territories have been effectively moved forward, and the landing management has been further strengthened. The port epidemic prevention and control has thus formed an effective closed loop.

Safe Journey to Shanghai with Local China Guide

2. Strictly implement hierarchical classification and disposal to prevent and prevent

Shanghai Customs earnestly implements the spirit of the General Administration of the Prevention of the Importation of Foreign Epidemic Situations, and initiates the classification and disposal process of inbound personnel at the ports of Shanghai airports, and follows the clear responsibility chain with the localities, so as to perform relay duties, pass each other, and achieve layers. Screening, prevention, closed-loop management.

First, if the customs finds symptomatic personnel during the boarding inspection and subsequently determines to be a suspected case, the border inspection department will directly complete the immigration formalities, and the local joint defense and joint control mechanism will arrange direct transfer at the apron to the designated hospital. 

The second is that the symptomatic personnel intercepted by the customs through inspection of health declarations, temperature monitoring and screening, and epidemiological investigations, etc., after being sampled by the customs, will be directly transferred to the designated hospital by the local joint prevention and control mechanism.

The third is for immigration personnel whose symptoms are not obvious but who have greater risk through comprehensive research by the customs. After sampling by the customs, in accordance with the local joint defense and joint control mechanism, the Shanghai Airport Group will be transferred in batches to the centralized isolation point for medical observation.

On March 10, 2020, the State Council should respond to the Fifth Guiding Group of the New Coronary Pneumonia Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism, fully affirming the actual results achieved by the port customs clearance process, and evaluating the process as a model innovation for the organic integration of central and local joint prevention and control. The joint defense and joint control mechanism is recommended to be replicated and promoted nationwide.

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