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The Only Region in China Where Guns Are Not Forbidden, Adults and Children Fave a Gun in Hand…

The only region in China where guns are not forbidden, adults and children have a gun in hand, and tourists can touch the gun with their hands. Is it safe to travel in China? Cold weapon civilization has occupied a long time in the long river of history. Not only in ancient times, in fact, during the primitive period, cold weapons have already begun to appear. At that time, people polished all hard objects around them (bone, wood, stone, etc.) to make weapons to use for hunting or as a tool of life. Later, with the advancement of military industry, the iron-making technology invented by mankind has created metal cold weapons. Compared with the cold weapons of the Stone Age, metal weapons have better combat performance, and they have obtained 100% of the military. 

Cold weapons are not only popular in the military, but are more suitable and popular in the civilian sector. It can almost be said that everyone has such a weapon or two. Later, with the development of science and technology, thermal weapons came out. This kind of weapon has already come out, and then it quickly replaced the position of cold weapons, and became the mainstream weapon on the battlefield. Today, in many countries, especially Western countries, people are allowed to use the most common thermal weapons-firearms. They want the people to protect themselves in the first place, so the people have the right to hold guns.

However, in our country, due to the needs of the national conditions and the stability of the domestic security, we banned the use and possession of firearms by the public. Once we do not comply, it is illegal and criminal, but there are exceptions in rare cases. No, we have the only area where we can’t help guns. Adults and children have a gun in hand, and tourists can touch the gun with their own hands.

This place is the Basa Miao Minority (nationality) in Congjiang County, Guizhou Province. As a tourist spot with very ethnic characteristics, the villagers here, regardless of whether they are adults or children, have a gun. The place of the Miao people in Barcelona is remote and has little communication with the outside world since ancient times. Guns have become a living tool for them to survive, and a gun culture has formed over time. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, in order to help the place get rid of poverty and prosperity, the local area combined with its beautiful environment and started the tourism industry. The gun was retained as part of performing traditional culture.

The guns they held were the muskets used by the Miaozhai minority people at that time for hunting. In some places, the management of firearms is still very strict, so there have been no vicious incidents over the years. Moreover, these muskets have no lethal power. They are only used to show tourists when they perform traditional culture. They are generally not filled with flames. Learn more about Guizhou travel guide

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