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Tibet Tour from Malaysia – Tibet Travel Guide for Malaysian Travelers by Locals

Tibet Tourism in Malaysia: It is very convenient and easy for Malaysia to travel to Tibet. First of all, we must choose a reliable Tibet travel agency, select the itinerary, and handle the letter of entry into Tibet. The last step is to choose the right transportation to Tibet.

For travel to Tibet from Malaysia, a Tibet travel permit is required. For Malaysians to apply for a Tibet travel permit, an official certified Tibet tourism booking center is required to determine the journey to Tibet, and the travel agency shall submit relevant information to the Tibet Tourism Bureau for application. We can handle the letter of entry for you free of charge throughout the whole process, which is convenient and fast.

There are two options for transportation from Malaysia to Tibet. First, you can fly to cities in mainland China such as Chengdu, Kunming or Hong Kong, and then fly directly to Lhasa. You need to apply for a Chinese visa and a letter of entry into Tibet. The second is to fly to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, and then fly directly to Lhasa. You will need to sign a tourist group and enter a letter to Tibet. Both methods can reach the holy city of Lhasa in the fastest time. Of course, you can also choose to fly to mainland China and then transfer to the Qinghai-Tibet train to enter Lhasa, Tibet. This world’s highest railway will give you a different kind of train travel experience.

In addition, we provide a number of selected itineraries for Tibet tourism in Malaysia. Whether you choose a group tour or a private tour, we will serve you wholeheartedly to make your journey in Tibet a wonderful one. Memories.

Malaysia Tibet Travel Document Application Guide

Malaysian tourists traveling to Tibet first need to apply for a Chinese visa. If you choose to travel from mainland China to Tibet, you can apply for a Chinese visa in advance. If you are entering Tibet from Nepal, you will need to apply for a delegation to sign into Tibet in the Kathmandu capital of Nepal.

Secondly, it is necessary to apply for a letter to enter Tibet. According to relevant regulations, foreign tourists must handle the letter of entry through the local travel agency that provides you with travel services, and do not accept applications submitted by tourists in their own names. In addition, if you plan to visit Mount Everest Base Camp, Arigang Rinpoche, Mapanyong Lake, etc., you will need to apply for a foreigner’s travel permit, military zone letter and other documents. Our travel society is here to serve you wholeheartedly, helping you to handle all the documents required for Tibet travel.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tibet Tourism in Malaysia

Question:  Can Malaysians travel freely in Tibet?

Answer: Except for mainland tourists with Chinese ID cards and Hong Kong and Macau tourists with home return certificates, tourists from other regions cannot travel freely in Tibet, China, and can only choose to travel in groups accompanied by drivers and tour guides. The private tour can make the itinerary completely according to the tourists’ ideal time and route, which can maximize the tourists’ desire to travel freely in Tibet.

Question: How to apply for the Malaysian Tibet visa (entry letter)?

Answer: The Malaysian Tibet visa, which is often said to be a letter of entry into Tibet, needs to be applied for through a travel agency and cannot be processed separately in the name of an individual. Moreover, even if the letter for entering Tibet is processed, they cannot travel freely and must travel in groups. Our travel agency has many years of experience in receiving Malaysian tourists into Tibet, and we will efficiently handle the entry documents for you to ensure that your Tibet travel is smooth.

Question: How to choose Malaysia to Lhasa flight?

Answer: There is no direct flight from Malaysia to Tibet. At present, you can choose to transfer planes or trains from mainland China, or you can choose to transfer planes or roads from Kathmandu, Nepal. This will allow the journey not to go back and see more different scenery.

Question: Can Malaysians take the Qinghai-Tibet train to Tibet?

Answer: The Qinghai-Tibet Railway train serves tourists from all over the world. As the only railway currently entering Tibet, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway carries the infinitely good expectations of the Tibetan people and tourists. It also allows more people to understand the plateau through the train window. Learn about Tibet. At the same time, taking the Qinghai-Tibet train can also slow down the altitude increase and effectively alleviate altitude sickness.

Question:  How much does it cost to travel to Tibet in Malaysia

Answer: Tibet tourism belongs to plateau tourism, and the cost of traveling to Tibet depends on the time of the tour, the attractions visited, and the level of accommodation hotels. The price of choosing a group tour will be relatively cheap, the group fee is about 3000-10000 RMB, and the self-organizing group may be more expensive because of the higher hotel level. For details, please contact our travel consultant.

Question: How to choose the travel route of Tibet in Malaysia?

Answer: The traditional tourist routes in Tibet mainly include Lhasa one-site tour, Lhasa Namtso tour, Lhasa Mount Everest tour, Lhasa Jilong Nepal tour and Lhasa Ali tour. 7-day trip to Kathmandu, Lhasa. Click Tibet tours for details.

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