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USA Travelers to Tibet – Ultimate Tibet Travel Guide for American Visitors to Tibet

USA-Tibet Tour news: Mysterious Tibet is rich in tourism resources. Chinese Americans are foreign guests. Traveling to Tibet requires us to apply for a letter of entry into Tibet in advance; in Tibet, we need to arrange organized travel through travel agencies.

Information for American tourists entering Tibet

1. Documents required for American tourists to travel to Tibet
Tourists holding US passports need to provide passports and photocopies of Chinese tourist visas to travel agencies. After they have completed the letter of entry, they can enter Tibet by plane or train.

2. Transportation method for American tourists to Tibet
At present, American tourists can only enter Tibet by plane or train.

3. American tourists entering Tibet as a transit city
It is recommended that Chengdu and Chongqing, which are closer to each other, be the best transit cities. Chengdu and Chongqing have many flights to Tibet, and most of the flights to Nyingchi at low altitude also take off from Chengdu and Chongqing. Chengdu and Chongqing are also the origin cities of trains entering Tibet.

Local China Guide – Tibet Tourism Center focuses on receiving foreigners to travel to Tibet. Our agency provides many classic group tours in Tibet and private tours. We serve you wholeheartedly, so that you can leave a good memory of your journey in Tibet.

Guide for Chinese American Tourists to Travel to Tibet

For American tourists traveling to Tibet, China, you need to apply for a Chinese visa (L-sign) in advance from a city in the mainland of China by train or plane; you do not need to apply for a Chinese visa when you travel by air from Kathmandu, Nepal, or by land. Group Visa in Nepal.

The letter of entry into Tibet is an indispensable document for foreign guests to enter Tibet. Whether it is transfer from China to Tibet or from Kathmandu, Nepal, a letter of entry and a valid passport are essential. The entry letter can only be handled by the tourist who submits the travel plan to the travel agency, and then we apply to the Tibet Tourism Bureau.

In addition, if you plan to visit Mount Everest Base Camp, Ali, Bomi, Shannan and other areas, you need to apply for alien travel permits, military zone letters and other documents.

Frequently asked questions about American tourists traveling to Tibet

Question:  How to travel from the United States to Tibet easily?

AnswerTo travel from the United States to Tibet, you first need to take an international flight from New York, Washington, etc. to China’s mainland cities, such as Beijing, Chengdu, etc., and then take a plane or train to Lhasa. Or take an international transfer flight to Kathmandu, Nepal, and then take a plane or road to Tibet.

New York-Beijing: Air China CA982
New York-Chengdu: Hainan Airlines HU7916
Washington-Beijing United Airlines UA897
San Francisco-Chengdu United UA9

Beijing-Lhasa aircraft: Air China CA4125; Beijing-Lhasa train: Z21 (every day, 40 hours)
Chengdu-Lhasa aircraft: more than 20 sorties per day; Chengdu-Lhasa train: Z322 (on the next day, 37 hours)

New York-Dubai-Kathmandu: Emirates Airlines EK224 and EK2155
Kathmandu-Lhasa aircraft: Air China CA408 and Sichuan Airlines 3U8720

Question:  When Americans travel to Tibet, how to handle the letter of entry?

AnswerU.S. tourists’ Tibetan entry letters need to be processed through the Tibet Travel Agency. They cannot be processed individually in the name of individuals or in the United States. Our travel agency Tibet Vista Group has many years of experience in receiving Americans to travel in Tibet, and we will efficiently handle the entry documents for you to ensure that your Tibet travel is smooth.

Question:  Chinese Americans have applied for a letter of entry into Tibet. Can they travel freely in Tibet?

AnswerChinese Americans cannot travel freely in Tibet. Except for mainland tourists with Chinese identity cards and Hong Kong and Macao tourists with home return permits, tourists with foreign passports from other regions cannot travel freely to Tibet, and can only choose to travel in teams.
Private tour can make itinerary according to tourists’ ideal time and route, which can maximize the tourists’ desire to travel freely in Tibet.

Question:  Is it good to go to Tibet for a group tour? Or is it better to organize yourself?

AnswerGroup tour/following tour refers to traveling through a local travel agency in Tibet, together with tourists who have the same travel plan, and the travel date and itinerary are arranged in advance by the travel agency. However, the cost of group tours is cheap, and you can also meet some interesting friends, which saves time and money.
Self-organized tour refers to that tourists form a group in accordance with their own travel plans and requirements. The tour route can be adjusted according to their own needs. The flexibility is large, but the cost is relatively high.

Question:  How to prepare luggage and clothes when traveling to Tibet?

AnswerTibet is located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and has a plateau climate with a large temperature difference between day and night. During the day when the temperature is relatively high, you will need to take off your coat; at night when the temperature is low, you must add clothes to keep warm. Therefore, it is recommended that American tourists visiting Tibet prepare a warm jacket (down jacket or cotton jacket).
Clothing: thermal underwear, quick-drying underwear, thermal down jacket, trousers, etc.
Footwear: warm non-slip hiking shoes, comfortable sports shoes, breathable socks
First aid: medicines to prevent high anti-drugs, cold medicines
Others: sunglasses, sunscreen
In addition, tourists can buy clothes and medicines in Lhasa.

Question:  What kind of snacks do Americans eat in Tibet?

AnswerTibetan specialty snacks are a must-see for Americans to go to Tibet. They can give tourists a different experience. The recommended ones are: local Tibetan noodles in Lhasa, yogurt, beef consumption, and sweet tea. If you can adapt to the taste of ghee tea, you can drink local ghee tea, and you can effectively reduce the high reaction.

Question:  Where can I exchange dollars in Tibet?

AnswerThe Bank of China, currently in Tibet, can exchange dollars for Renminbi. The address is: No. 7 Linko West Road, Tibet, Lhasa. In addition, five-star hotels, such as the St. Regis Resort, Shangri-La Hotel, and InterContinental Paradise can also be exchanged for US dollars. If you bring a foreign bank card, you can also withdraw RMB directly from the ATM machine.

Question:  Is there a Tibetan English-speaking guide in Tibet? ?

AnswerAt present, our English-speaking guides are Tibetan guides. There are other small language guides in Tibet, including Spanish, German, Japanese, French, Russian, etc. Read more about Tibet tours.

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