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China Visa and Tibet Permits

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Here local Tibet travel agency provides practical information about Tibet group visa, China visa and Tibet travel permits. For foreign travelers to explore Tibet, you must have legal passports and valid Chinese visa. No matter you enter Tibet from Nepal or mainland China, the visa is a must needed documents. Beside these documents, you will also need all necessary Tibet travel permits. Here below is the list of documents to ensure you can travel in Tibet legally.

Tibet Group Visa

Tibet Group Visa (TGV) is the only visa you need for travelling from Kathmandu to Tibet.

If you are travelling to Tibet from Nepal, you need a visa which called Tibet Group Visa. It is a special type of single entry Chinese visa usually maximum for 30 days and issued by Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal. Whether if you travel by air or by overland driving, you need it and it’s hardly extend for extra days once it issued. So you have to schedule your holiday to Tibet and fix the entry place, exit place and places to visit pier to confirm the trip.

About Tibet group visa

The Tibet group visa will be paper visa which won’t show or stamped on passport. Tibet Group visa will on A4 size paper where you will find travelers’s passport number, name, sex, nationality entry and exit date etc. There will be 2 copies of the visa; one copy Chinese immigration official will take when you will enter to Tibet and one copy they will take once you leave from China. If you already have Chinese visa on your passport, they will cancel your Chinese visa first and then after they issue Tibet Group Visa for you. For your information, the group visa provided for all members of group on one paper. So every members of the group should need to enter and exit Tibet at the same time and place.

Chinese Visa Guide

Foreign traveller will generally require a Chinese Visa while there are several groups of people not required to apply for one.

This visa is needed if you enter Tibet from Mainland China. Be sure you can travel in China legally in specified duration, you need to consult the China consulate or embassy in your destination and see what types of China visa you will need. If you are from Japan, or Singapore, etc specified countries, you may not need China visa for 1-15 days time. And when you travel to Tibet, our travel agency will need to apply Tibet travel permits for your entry to Tibet.

Tibet Travel Permits

Tibet travel permits document are foreign travelers to travel to and in Tibet.

Along with above China visa and your passports, you will need Tibet entry permits. Our agency has over 15 years Tibet tourism experiences and we are specialized in all kinds of Tibet permits application, Tibet group visa invitation and also Tibet group visa application. More over we also provide some information about China visa application.


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