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Tibet Group Visa

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Tibet Group Visa (TGV) is the only visa you need for travelling from Kathmandu to Tibet. No mater you fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa or travel by overland driving to Tibet, you will need this official documents. Here our local Tibet and Nepal tourism insiders sorted out the reliable information on Tibet Group Visa.

What is Tibet Group Visa?

  • If you are travelling to Tibet from Nepal, you need a visa which is called Tibet Group Visa. It is a special type of single entry Chinese visa usually with maximum valid duration of 30 days and issued by Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal. Whether if you travel by air or by overland driving, you need it and it’s hardly extended for extra days once it is issued. So you have to schedule your holiday to Tibet and fix the entry place, exit place and places to visit pier to confirm the trip.
  • The visa will be paper visa which won’t show or stamped on passport. Tibet Group visa will on A4 size paper where you will find travelers’s passport number, name, sex, nationality entry and exit date etc. There will be 2 copies of the visa; one copy is for Chinese immigration official when you enter to Tibet, while the other copy will be taken away by the Chinese immigration officials when you leave from China. If you already have Chinese visa on your passport, they will cancel your Chinese visa first and then they issue Tibet Group Visa for you. For your information, the group visa provides for all members of group on one paper. So every members of the group should need to enter and exit Tibet at the same time and place. However, the good point is that, individual traveler can also get his or her own “Tibet Group visa”.

How to apply the Tibet Group Visa?

If you book the Tibet Trip with us, it’s very easy to apply and obtain the Tibet Group Visa. Here are few steps you need to follow to complete your Tibet tour dream.

Tibet Group Visa Application Steps:

  1. Book a Tibet Tour with us where you need to provide details like: your travel schedule (starting and ending date), places to visit (itinerary), accommodation places (hotel names).
  2. Send us scan copy of your passport (clear copy). Then we will apply for Tibet Travel Permit and invitation letter from Tibet Tourism Bureau here in Lhasa, for your holiday.
  3. You need to send us your passport size clear photo that must display both ears, you should not have to wear any necklace or ornaments when you take the photo and the photo background must be plain. Our partner agency in Kathmandu will print it on required size as per Chinese Embassy requirement.
  4. Once you will be in Kathmandu, our partner agency in Kathmandu, Nepal will contact you to take your passport (as we need to submit your physical passport to obtain TGV), visa fee and relevant supporting materials together with the invitation letter we give to submit the Tibet Group Visa application in Chinese Embassy on the weekdays (Monday to Friday). They also assist you to fill up the visa form by providing some useful information.

Documents You Should Prepare:

You passport must have at least 6 months valid time. It will benefit to you if you carry few photo copies of your passport. Few copies of passport size photos also useful to carry.

Note to Remember:

  1. Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) does not accept individual applications for Tibet Group Visa and TTB permit. Visitors must apply through a travel agency.
  2. Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu neither accepts individual applications nor provides Tibet visa for individual. Travelers need to go through the local Nepal travel agency. So our agency in Lhasa and Nepal will take care of all the complicated application process both in Lhasa and Nepal.
  3. Tibet Group Visa is valid for maximum 30 days on single entry and you can travel to mainland China using the same visa once you visited Tibet.
  4. Tibet Group Visa (TGV) is a special type of paper visa and there won’t be stamped or any visa information on your physical passport.
  5. To obtain Tibet Group Visa it takes minimum 3 working days so plan your holiday as per our suggested dates. FYI, if you travel to Nepal on Friday, it might take you to 5 days in Nepal prior to your Tibet trip.

Tibet Group Visa Fee:

  • For US Citizen: USD $180 per person
  • For Canadian Citizen: USD $155 per person
  • For Other Citizen: USD $90 per person

Beside above visa fee, there is additional visa application service fee. Each and every Nepali agency charges a fee to process the Tibet visa application, while the fee ranges from 15-30 USD per person and it depends on each individual application case.

Beside Tibet group visa, foreign travelers will also need Tibet travel permits for travelling to and in Tibet. Read further about Tibet travel permits.


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